Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Cell Phone Accessories

So, I finally got a nice new cell phone, with a camera in it, and a cool color screen so the first thing I did was take a picture of my precious boy, Snoopy, and download him as wallpaper! Yeah, that's how I roll....I wait until almost everyone else gets the latest gadget, and THEN I buy it....I like to let you guys work out the kinks! Ha! Problem was, it didn't come with any cell phone accessories, what's up with that? That's okay, Wirefly has re-launched their accessory store! First thing I had to have was a charger, can't have a cell phone without that! Now, I am in serious need of some sort of a handsfree kit for when I am on the road. I was checking out this bluetooth headset, it's PINK! You know I am all over wearing pink to show my support for breast cancer!
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