Thursday, May 10, 2007

It took me a while, but I Heart PPP

I do. I love Pay Per Post, the consumer generated advertising network. I started blogging last August, and I signed up for Pay Per Post after my blog was 90 days old. And then, I did nothing. I kept on blogging, but never took advantage of all that money Pay Per Post would have PAID me to blog. Duh. So, a few weeks ago I woke up and started blogging for dollars! I have been doing paid posts for about 3 weeks, and have made $87! I have to say that I am very pleased, it was clean and easy to sign up and start making money! In hindsight, I do think I needed those 5 months of non-paid blogging, to get accustomed to the blogging game, learned a few tricks as far as linking, posting pictures and just learning to be a better blogger, instead of just diving in head first because someone was paying me to do so. You can get paid to blog too, click on that pretty green PPP button on my sidebar and get in the game!
This is a sponsored post.


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