Thursday, May 10, 2007

Save or Spend?

I came across this article over at The Simple Dollar, and I really liked it. He gets to the down-n-dirty of how he saved money, and some tips to help you save over the long haul. These are great tips, and I already utilize many of them. The only things I would add are what to do with a windfall (Work bonus, tax refund, birthday check, prize winnings) - most will tell you to spend half and save half. I am of the mindset to save it all if you do not already have an emergency fund. (If you don't have an E Fund, e mail me for an ING Direct Bonus link to get yours started with an automatic $25 bonus!) If you already have a fully funded E Fund, then treat yourself to something nice, but still save at least half, if not more. However, if you have any high interest debt, I would use the entire windfall to try and pay that down first. That's just me, I'm a saver. Cheap, Frugal, Thrifty - call it what you will, doesn't bother me!


  • I am a spender who dreams of being a saver ...


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