Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Time Off

For some reason, my company cannot seem to get everyone's sick / vacation accruals done properly for the past few months. They need serious help down in the HR department. We accrue our time monthly, according to how long you have been there, so there should be an increase in each category on every other check, unless you have taken time off, and then it will decrease. Lately, every time I get my check and look at how much time I have available, it's some random number...and it's always WRONG! I then have to go to our local admin, with copies of the last few checks to show the difference, and she has to go back through her records and count everything and e mail them and send them the correct number...and then, in a few weeks, it's usually off again. Frustrating? YES! Between my check on May 4th, and the one I just got May 18th - I LOST 20 hours of vacation..without taking any!! With my Mother being ill and having to take last week to help out, and be there for her surgery in a few weeks, I need all of the time that I have been saving (which I was going to go on vacation with, but that's another post). Apparently, I am going to have to start keeping a very close eye on this to ensure that I am getting all the accrued time off I am owed.


  • Well that sucks that you are having to babysit your time like that ... UGH!

    By Blogger Sindy, at 10:15 PM  

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