Wednesday, July 18, 2007


What do you do when you are out of town and out of minutes on your cell phone? I had this problem come up when my Mom was in the hospital last month and ended up going over on my cell phone minutes! Hated. If I had a prepaid calling card, this would not have been an issue, I could have dialed everyone up on a payphone and gave them the information they needed. I need to think about this for the upcoming 3 day walk I am doing as well. There will be no electricity, so nowhere to charge my phone....what if I need to call someone? I'll be walking by many payphones over those 60 miles, so a prepaid calling card may be just the pitstop I need! Pingo has prepaid domestic calling cards, and cards that can be used oninternational phones. This would have been helpful for my friend who just returned from Europe, she emailed me a few times to find out how my Mom was, as she could not use her cell phone over there, her emails were quick and to the point, because the internet time was so expensive. Had she an international prepaid calling card, she would have gotten 4 hours of free calling time just for signing up and could have just dialed me for a quick update! They are also having a $5 Usermercial promotion right now , they are paying five dollars to the first 250 Pingo usermercials posted!
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