Monday, July 16, 2007


So, of course, Jen nominated Danielle and evil Dick for eviction. Yeah, like we didn't see that coming. Bitter, party of one! She is so self centered, and obviously jealous that former football dude is not flirting with her, I guess she figures get rid of the other chick and maybe he'll look st her? Yeah, not so much ya self centered witch. All of your inner qualities are shining through and making you look like the ugliest duckling in that house! When she went to her HOH room, she complained about all the pics they gave her, and even took down the picture of her & her Mom because she had no makeup on in it? Whatever. And she's mad at evil Dick because he told her she was self centered. Yeah, the truth hurts, don't it?
Oh, and all of that weighlifting that was going on in the backyard between Nick and the other hot guy....yeah, feel free to show that footage as much as possible...YUMMY!


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