Saturday, July 14, 2007

"Found" Money

No, I didn't find a wad of cash. That'd be to easy! You've all heard the term "found" money, right? You either find actual money..or something worth money. As far as actual money....I only find coins on the ground, which I throw in the coin jar. I have friend (Hi Joe!)who is always finding PAPER money...and I am not talking dollar bills here! He finds 10's or 20's. Lucky dog. That never happens to me. Anyhoo, last night, I needed to find some paint in my hall storage closet for the work I was doing on the front door, so I am pulling things out of there and digging around. (Amazing what you actually find when you're looking for something!) I pull out this plastic bag from one of the home improvement stores, and in it are 2 tools that were never used. Obviously bought for a tile job, which was done about 6 years ago, still in the packaging. Now, I keep receipts, but not for that long. I had to go to that store anyway for the specific job I was doing, so I figured "what the heck?"...can't hurt to ask if they'll take it back right? Don't ask, don't get , I always say.
So, I did.
And, they did!
They gave me a gift card with store credit for the amount of the merchandise! The moral of the story is, it doesn't hurt to ask!
(Oh yeah, and pick those pennies up off the ground and put them in your coin jar, they add up!)