Friday, July 13, 2007

Inconvenient? Yeah. Also, NECESSARY.

So, I told you all how I went and saw the documentary, Inconvenient Truth, and how it opened my eyes. Yeah. When he got to the part near the end, and he talks about scientists predicting that Greenland is destined to melt, and the actual sea level of our oceans raising...he shows a re-drawn map of what Florida would like like...and he as data to back it all up? Yeah. My town? Not there. Underwater. The entire west coast moves in, then the east coast..looks like the state is shrinking. There was a collective gasp in the room, knowing WE would all be underwater. That was enough for me! I'm in, Al...where do I sign up? What can I do to help this to NOT happen, and ensure our children's children live in a better world? I've already switched to CFL's. And my neighbor takes everyone's newspapers to the recycling center each Saturday. I installed a water filter so I don't have to buy bottled water anymore. I don't drive a gas guzzling SUV.
Not enough, I tell myself. I can do more.
The recycling center 2 miles up the road from me, and CONVENIENTLY located at the park where I take Snoopy to play? The one that was an INCONVENIENCE to me before because then I would have to sort out my garbage, and save some of it to haul over there instead of just CONVENIENTLY tossing it in the dumpster right here in my complex? Yeah, THAT ONE. I'll be visiting there every weekend now, with my newspapers, and plastics, cardboard, and other recyclables.
What are you going to do?


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