Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Story Time

When my Sister was little, my Stepmother ordered some of those personalized storybooks for her. You know the kind, they have a standard storybook tale, but they add in the childs name, pet's names...she even had one or two that had me in them. I am 11 years older than her, but I guess her Mom figured she could relate to a story with me in it, and hey, it made me feel good having my name in print too! Identity Direct makes these same books we had, and I have some little cousins that I think would enjoy having a story where they are the star! I need to add that to my Christmas list!
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  • I still have those books! There's one where you and I (and Porky) help the circus come to Tarpon Springs.

    By Blogger Colleen, at 12:17 AM  

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