Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Ummm, yeah, Jen in the red UNITARD....that was so not working for me! She was running around in that thing like she was freaking Wonder Woman or something..she knew you could see through it, right? Yeesh. What was up with her going around threatening all of the players in the veto competition? What a witch. And, what's up with Amber and all of the crying all the time? That's going to get old fast. Yeesh.
I was very pleased that Danielle won the veto, again, and took herself off the block...I like her. Then JENITARD can't decide who to put up in her place. Her strategy apparently must be "I'll put up Nick because I like him, and he doesn't like me back". Umm, helloooo....None of the guys are flirting with you because you are a self centered beeyotch..get it through your thick head!
So, thankfully, JENITARD put Joe up in her place....that pleased me as well, I hope he gets voted off. Can't stand him.
And, please, whoever wins HOH this week....put the JENITARD up for eviction and make her freaking life miserable. REALLY can't stand her.


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