Sunday, September 23, 2007

Freeze It

So, it is only 2 weeks until my 3 day walk. TWO. Actually, a little less than 2.....more like 12 days.
This morning, I did a 7 mile walk....getting ready for the big one. And, when I got back, I tried some Freeze It on my muscles. Now, your girl has walked 60 miles in 3 days and knows a little something about mucles aches and pains, and has tried ALL of your over-the-counter creams, rubs, patches and I feel like I know something about this type of product, a little more than your average person might.

Freeze It is all natural, and you know your girl likes that. I opened up the packet and took a nice sniff....that may not have been a good idea, as it was fairly strong up close like that! Kind of like dipping your nose in a bottle of vapor rub! It had a strong minty eucalyptus odor, not unpleasant. I am so used to the mediciny smell of the other muscle creams, and I was waiting for that familiar stinky odor - the one that gets in your clothes and bed, but it's not there. When I squeezed some out into my hand the first thing I noticed is that is was cold. Real cold. Muy Frio. I spread some on my calves and waited. After about 5 mins, it was icy cold..and I could feel it doing something.....but it was not getting hot....and then I realized that it does not do that! I think I am so used to the other ones that go from cold to hot, that I was waiting for it to start feeling warm, and it does not do that - it just gets icy cold. It also disappeared right into my skin, and did not leave a sticky feeling behind like some of the others do. And remember that odor I told you about? It disappeared...vanished right into my skin with the gel! I have a few packets left, and they are just the right size to put in my waist pack for the 3 day walk, so I'll be taking those with the meantime, your boy Snoopy will be guarding them for me!


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