Friday, November 16, 2007

It's that Time.

Yes, I have already started making my mental Christmas list....trying to gather ideas for the people I am going to buy for. Most in my family are not easy to buy for, and I try to get at least some shopping done during the Black Friday sales. I also do a lot of shopping online, and never do that without searching for the proper coupon code at Coupon Chief! I'm all about trying to save a few dollars when I can! I've been looking for a new pair of running shoes, and these Adidas Coupons may help me with that. There is usually at least one person on my list who wants a new movie, which I usually buy at Target for the best price. And, of course, Santa always brings Snoopy a little something from his favorite store, PetsMart! The biggest challenge is always staying under budget - which is why I make a list that includes how much I am going to spend on each person.


  • I assume we shall to the same kick-ass arrangement we do every year at X-Mas time. I would be most agreeable to that if you are.

    Think about what you want and I shall do the same.

    And don't try to give me porn again this year.

    It's embarassing.


    By Blogger Los Leebos, at 3:53 PM  

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