Saturday, January 05, 2008


I have never been much into video or online games, I prefer to play my games in a real casino, with free drinks and that sweet chinga ching of the slots! I do have a friend who loves to play online games, but I am not sure if he plays the gambling kind. My neighbors? Fuggetaboutit, they are some gambling fools! They're retired, they play that instead of bingo! They go to the real casino a few times a month, and she is always online playing casino games! In fact, they knocked on my door in kind of a panic one day, their computer was acting up and she could not get online and play! I need to tell her about this online casino site. a site that reviews all the online casinos and rates them in advance for you! They have it sorted by individual game, or game type - and they also have it sorted by binuses given, so you can jump right to the games giving out the most cash!


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