Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Show

Warning: Shameless promotion ahead.

Gather around fellow bloggers and dear readers, as I introduce you to …


Leebo is a Scorpio, his hobbies are western movies, comic books, and porn. He loves his Dolphins, even when they only win 1 game, and loves Dan Marino in a Non-Fag way.
His Mommy has been known to pack him a lunch and leave it on the hood of his car with a $5 bill! (We all secretly wish we had Leebo’s Mommy.)

While not new to the world of both comic and adult bookstores in Polk County, Leebo is new to the blogosphere - so go over there and say hello….I can guarantee you will get a laugh out of his daily banter, either that or you will find yourself repulsed to the point of vomiting in your mouth.

Either way, it’s pure comedy.


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