Thursday, February 21, 2008

Green Stuff

You all know about my tree hugging hippie ways......I try to do what I can to help the environment and reduce my carbon footprint by recycling most of my garbage, and carrying my lunch to work in re-usable containers, and using my canvas grocery bags. I found a new source for green products on the it seems they are hard to find in a brick and mortar store! This place, has an entire shopping section of eco friendly, recycled and energy saving products for your entire home, a Green News section, a green learning center where you can leanr how to go green, a blog where you can pick up all sorts of green tips, and even a gift registry for the tree hugger that is on your list! There is an entire section devoted to "greener office practices" that I need to show my co-workers...I am constantly hounding them about recycling our office paper waste, and using paper coffee cups and paper plates in the kitchen!


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