Sunday, June 20, 2010

Awesome Berry Deals at Publix!

I headed out the the farmer's market yesterday morning to get my week's worth of local/cheap fruits & veggies. It's amazing to me how much cheaper and better looking the stuff is at the market as opposed to the grocery! I got a great deal on local Tomatoes, which are apparently in abundance due to the cold winter.

I then stopped at Publix on my way home, as I had recieved email coupons for this weeks "Seasons Peak" deal - $1.50 off berries! Blues, Blacks, Razz, or Straw - the 4 best berries, which also happen to be lowering in price lately as season is officially over in Florida, so we are not getting local berries any longer - mostly NC and CA berries now. Anyhoo, I digress. Always wanting to get the most value out of my coupon dollar, I checked to see which were priced lowest...hmmm....Blues on special for A DOLLAR AND FIFTY CENTS?! And me with coupons for $1.50 off! How conveeeeeenient (in my best Dana Carvey / Church Lady) ...! I love FREE. It seems to shock the cashier, the people in line behind me, and my friend when I tell them of my bargains...if only they knew how to do math, and weren't afraid to use coupons... they could get FREE berries, too.

I also picked up 2 FREE packs of Uncle Bens whole grain ready rice that I had FREE coupons for. Starbucks / Ben & Jerry's ice cream for less than $1 per pint after BOGO sale and coupons, Duncan Hines cake mix for .60 per box after BOGO sale and coupons, and Knorr's noodles & sauce for 39 cents after sale & coupons.

So, yes. I am NOT afraid to use coupons.
I love to save more than I spend on my grocery bill.
I am NOT afraid to ask for a Manager when the cashier does not want to take a valid coupon.
And, I try to organize my pantry so I am only shopping for sale items that I have a coupon for.
I LOVE to save money, I am the shopper they hate.
The one with a list, an unlocked phone, and a fistful of coupons who has scoured their ad for the best deals and refuses to even look at the beautiful displays of overpriced items on the endcaps.
This mindset gets me crazy looks, various nicknames, and frequently laughed also results in MORE MONEY IN MY POCKET!

So, I'm laughing as well.



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