Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Movies on iPod

So, last week while I was over at my Mom's helping out with her...I found myself pacing hallways at the hospital, and at her house cleaning floors, organizing cupboards...anything to pass the time and keep my mind clear of what was going on. To say I was bored at times was an understatement. I cannot just "sit"..and they only have ONE television...ONE...they have 80 coffee mugs, but only 1 TV !! And, they like to watch "Walker Texas Ranger"....and "Bonanza"...what's up with the cowboy thing? I brought some movies with me, only watched one as I had to put in a request to get any TV time! I did request that I be able to view the season finale of Gray's Anatomy on Thursday night, wasn't about to miss that! I had my iPod with me....would have been awesome if I had a DVD iPod Converter and then have some of my favorite shows or movies downloaded into it so I could just watch it whenever I wanted! They have one here, which offers a free trial....and I'll be checking into it for when I go back next month and have to sit around the hospital again trying to entertain myself!
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  • LOL at having to put in a request for TV time.

    By Blogger Sindy, at 10:16 PM  

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