Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Vick is Sick

I was going to go into an entire rant on cruelty to animals and what kind of a sick person does such a thing. I cannot stand to watch or read anything regarding cruelty to animals or children. They are both innocent, and it takes a sick person to hurt either one. So, Micheal Vick, number 1 draft pick in 2001 and starting QB for the Atlanta Falcons, is being indicted on charges that he ran a dog fighting ring out of his home in Virginia, gambled on said fights, and particpated in the killing of 8 of the dogs that weren't good enough to fight. One of the highest paid players in the NFL. What's the matter Vick, too much money and nothing to do in the offseason? Did you do it out of boredom? The Atlanta Falcons should let him go immediately. The NFL should dump him as well as any sponsors. I know I will never purchase a product he pushes. What a sick bastard, I hope they throw him in jail.


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