Thursday, September 06, 2007


Other than my trip to Philadelphia for the 3 Day, I don't have much travel scheduled in my life right now, with everything else that is going on...there's no time. I did, however, find this cool new site,, so that when I am ready to plan my next trip I will be ready! They offer "personalized searches for better trips" , say I am a single woman wanting to take a cruise - they are probably not going to recommend say, the Disney cruise line, which is more family oriented! I did a quick search on their site for Vegas lodging, in case by some miracle I am able to go in November, and it offered me their top rated picks for Vegas hotels, with pictures, reviews and pricing - in a nice clean setup...I like that! You can also check attractions for the city you are visiting on the same page, which I have not seen on other travel sites. They are launching Private Beta in Fall 2007, and you can sign up now for the waiting list!
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