Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Don't. Tempt. Me.

I was checking out all the Black Friday ads online, and of course, there are many things you can buy online before the sales start......I am currently lusting after this:

EVERY James Bond movie ever made.
21 movies.
Seriously, this is like porn to me. I LOVE James Bond - Sean Connery being the Best.Bond.Ever. He was so hot, and slick with the Ladies....! Is it warm in here?
And, Daniel Craig runs a very close second....Casino Royale is such a good flick..I always pause the DVD player on that scene where he is coming out of the water and you see that fine body of his. HAWT.

You can get it at for $179.89, and using a coupon code of DDAF you can get 20% off, dropping it to $143.91!!!!!!!!!! That's $6.85 a movie. I have never seen this collection for less than $200, even at Amazon.

I am not being paid to write this, nor do I think anyone is going to spend this much money on me at Christmas.......if I want it, I am going to have to purchase it myself. So, I will have to study on that for a while, and possibly watch my copy of Goldfinger while I do so....See you later....I have a date with 007!


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