Thursday, November 29, 2007

Johhny Depp as Sweeney Todd

Mmmm Johnny Depp! Love him. Love his movies. He's not on my "list"...but, still..I wouldn't kick him out! He is such a great actor, and ever since Edward Scissorhands I've been a huge fan if his movies. My favorite has to be Blow..great flick...and he really had a chance to show what kind of actor he was in that movie, and his character was liek a chameleon as he went from young pot smoking hippie, to drug lord, to fugitive, and then an empty man when he lost everything. My favorite scene is when he wins the girl (Penelope Cruz) from the other drug lord at the wedding outsider, a white American, stealing a Columbian girl from the arm of a Columbian drug ring member....good stuff. I also love how he can change his accent up to fit the film, he had the perfect thick New England accent in that film. Of course, everyone loved him in Pirate's...but my other favorite of his is What's Eating Gilbert Grape...a young man struggling to enter adulthood while caring for his obese Mother and his challenged younger Brother...then love enters in, and complicates the whole deal. Good Stuff. My favorite scene? When he DUMPS the married woman he has been having a fling with, and she goes over the deep end! Classic. But, Blow is my all time favorite Depp film....well, for now. He has a new one out, directed by Tim Burton...and you can go visit the official Sweeney Todd movie site to see the trailers...I did and it looks like another good one! You can also visit Sweeney Tood on MySpace!


  • So many Depp movies and so little time. Blow was one of my favorites too. The "history" based on a real person was enlighting.

    By Blogger MERRYWOOD, at 8:53 AM  

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