Saturday, December 08, 2007

Offers of Money

What is the deal about this time of year? Since Thanksgiving I have gotten no less than ten offers in the mail for cash advance on a credit card, signature loans, Payday loans, and credit line increases! Personally, I have no need for such a thing, and have shredded every one of them. I think these companies spend extra time this time of year advertising for these offers because they know people are vulnerable..they want to provide a nice Christmas for their family, and either did not budget properly..or just are not making the money they once were. Please do not fally prey to any of the hype, Christmas isn't just about store bought gifts....there are other things you can do for someone. A coupon for a nice home cooked meal, an offer to work in their yard or on the house, or some nice home baked goodies. Think about giving away your time and talents to loved ones, rather than that expensive gift at the mall.


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