Thursday, July 19, 2007

Eat your Veggies

I talked earlier today about the troubles we are having getting my Mom to eat, and when she does eat something, getting it to stay. Maybe I can get her a My Daily Veggies Free Sample and see how that works out? We have been trying lots of different veggies & proteins, as all of her doctors, from Oncologist to Surgeon to Radiation Dr, have advised her to bulk up now, for when the chemo starts she may either not have an appetite, or just not be able to keep anything down at all. With a tumor in the pancreas, it messes with the digestive system and enzymes, so most of the fresh veggies & fruits we have tried to give her aren't working out real well, so a supplement is exactly what she needs for her newly sensitive digestive system. I know that personally, I try real hard to eat good and I never get my daily vegetables, and it's been really hard trying to get her to eat right, she refuses to try anything a second time if it didn't stay in the first time..I feel like I have a kid! If we can get her to take this daily dietary supplement at least we'll know she's getting something good & healthy to help bulk up her system before she starts chemo in 2 weeks.
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