Thursday, July 19, 2007

Post Limited Edition Alpha Bits

You all know that your Girl called up Post and got the skinny on her cereal, right? Yeah, it's what I do. I call a company when I am upset with a product or service, but, I also call when I am PLEASED with a product or service.
So, I got Maryann at Post customer care.....I think Maryann was amused that I was so happy about a box of cereal. (Or maybe she thought I was a nut when I told her I had 6 boxes in the trunk of my car?) Anyhoo,I told Maryann how giddy I was that the orignal Alpha Bits were back, and why do they say "Limited Edition" on them? Must I buy them all so that I have enough on hand to fulfill my cereal needs?
Here's the story she gave me: Sweetened Alpha Bits were pulled off the market in 2005 to make room for *cough-cough* New Whole Grain Alpha Bits with Zero Sugar...ummm, yeah. We all know how that went over right? They were pulled from the market in 2006, less than a year later. She stated that they got numerous calls from unhappy consumners when the original was pulled, and then more calls when the *cough-cough* Zero Sugar AWFUL Bits came out, and they were calls from consumers complaining about the taste.
Hey, Post - take a note from Coke, DON'T MESS WITH THE ORIGINAL!
So, she made a note of my call, told me to enjoy my cereal (Oh, I will Maryann...every bite!), and she also mentioned that they have had a spike in calls recently now that Sweetened Alpha Bits are back, from happy consumers like myself.
HOWEVER, they are only back for a limited time. Until Fall 2007. So, if you love the Alpha Bit's corn & oat goodness as much as I, please call 888-725-0288, and tell them how happy you are that they are back....maybe, they will leave them in the store where they belong!

Oh, and P.S. I did not lie to my new friend Maryann at Post, I called her on the way home from yet another stop at Target this evening..where, in fear of them running out or being pulled from the market again, I cleared the shelf of 6 boxes of Yummy Alphabet Goodness.....3 for me, and 3 for big Sister!


  • I now understand your Target run Thursday nite.That old commercial sure brought back memories, noticed the milk in glass bottles. Loved it. Maybe with the coming spike from the baby boomers and enough input from them, some of the oldtime favorites will start showing up on the shelves. Sometimes sugar is a GOOD thing and who knows, maybe if the current generation starts eating them, the Fcat scores will improve. :-) xo

    By Anonymous Claire, at 9:42 AM  

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