Thursday, July 19, 2007

Mom Update

I am going to Mom's next week. Sister is over there this week, she took her to get the port (for chemo) installed in her chest, and to the radiation doctor, they had to "mark" where they are going to radiater her? All went well, and they will probably start chemo & radiation week after next. She will be getting chemo Mon-Fri, and radiation every day as well.
I am going the end of next week to take her for another outpatient procedure, the ERCP. The tumor is strangling her bile duct,so it cannot drain alone, and she has had a drainage tube and bag on her side every since her first surgery in May...she hates it. Her GI doctor is going to rig something internally for her so she does not have to wear that bag on her side anymore, she is happy about that at least.
Other than digestion issues, she feels fine. We are learning as we go what she can and cannot eat, and when we find something that stays down, we stick with it!


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