Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Random Frugality

So, I went to Target on my way home from work, because my laundry detergent, Purex, was on sale this week. (Hint: Do NOT buy this sort of item at the grocery store, you're almost always going to overpay!) I had a coupon from the Sunday paper for $1 off 2 bottles of Purex liquid, and another coupon for $1 off 1 bottle of Purex Liquid Concentrate. The Purex Concentrate (32 load bottle) was reduced to $2.99, with my coupon I got it for $1.99 - that's 6 cents per load! The Purex liquid 20% BONUS bottle (38 Loads) was marked down to $2.84, with my coupon I got 2 of them for $2.34 each - that's 6 cents per load as well! That's a lot of laundry for a very cheap price!


  • We do the same thing when buying laundry detergent and fabric softener!

    I love combining coupons and sales =)

    By Blogger NIUiceprincess, at 4:03 PM  

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