Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bubba is Back!

For those of you in the Tampa and Jacksonville area, the big news around here is that Bubba the Love Sponge is back on terrestrial radio! He's been gone for 4 years, after being fired by Clearchannel for getting the highest FCC fine in history, to the tune of $750 G's. So, after that he got picked up by Sirius, where he can do and say whatever he wants....he's on afternoons as part of the Howard Stern Network. It's been 4 long years here in Tampa, with NOTHING to listen to in the morning but inane chatter and antics. I am SO happy Bubba is back, on 102.5 The Bone here in Tampa, and Real Rock 105 in Jacksonville - it's like having an old friend in the car with me on the commute to work. FINALLY, something worth listening to from 6-10am! THANK YOU COX RADIO!


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